About Move Dirt

About Move Dirt

The Move Dirt Equipment Company was founded to fill a niche. That niche being:

  • To provide honest, low cost excavating services.
  • To provide sales and service of quality related equipment.
  • To work with our customers to complete the required project work as economically as possible.
  • Provide options and opinions, when required.
  • To provide quality work and services that our customers will be please to recommend to others.

What we enjoy

Move Dirt Equipment has enjoyed considerable success with our personal reforestation, watershed and wetland enhancement projects that we have completed on our own rural property. Since the year that we purchased our property, 1998, we have partnered with many conservation groups and organizations, listed below. We have planted approximately thirty thousand trees of twenty or more species, on our property. We have enhanced our wetlands and improved the surface water run-off to improve the Welland River Water Shed (with partners). We continue to maintain our reforestation plantations and will further enhance or wetlands over time.

It is for the appreciation and enjoyment of these conservation and environmental enhancement efforts that the Move Dirt Equipment Company was initiated.

Move Dirt is ready and looking forward to helping other persons and organizations with their own property enhancements. In addition, we at Move Dirt are available for all work within our field, from small to larger jobs.

Move Dirt will appreciate assisting individuals with their small excavating/grading jobs. We are prepared to mobilize each of our equipment for a four-hour minimum charge (see rates, some conditions apply) to complete required small jobs.

Our family's past project partners, listed in no particular order, include:

  • Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority
  • Land Care Niagara
  • Grand River Conservation Authority
  • The Wetland Habitat
  • The Trillium Foundation
  • Ontario Power Generation