Move Dirt Equipment Company will provide for hire, most excavating services. Those being but not limited to:

  • Excavating with a 4 Ton mini excavator and 9 Ton medium excavators.
  • Bulldozing with 9 Ton dozer
  • Skid steer loader (80 HP)
  • Off road dump trailers, 12 Ton and 4 Ton
  • Self propelled tracked dumpers for tight spaces, .5 Ton and .8 Ton. These dumpers are quite practical for smaller jobs, will easily travel through a fence gate or man/woman door.
  • Hydraulic post hole auguring, excavator mounted, 9” to 36” capacity, any depth.
  • Trenching with a Vermeer 450 dedicated trencher with back fill blade.
  • Portable welding (mig, tig, stick, G6 and CWB experienced)(limited to available time), generators, compressors and excavator hoisting as required (limited to excavator size)
  • Custom fabricating and machinery repair (Industrial mechanic and millwright licensed, limited to available time.)
  • Factory approved/authorized repairs and warranty services are provided for all of the equipment that Move Dirt represents.
  • Industrial consulting services as our schedule will allow.
  • Truck and trailer float services for all Move Dirt’s mobile equipment.

All of the Move Dirt mobile equipment is currently new. As time passes, all of this equipment will be kept in top condition. This policy will contribute to Move Dirt's ability to provide top quality services for its customers.